Samsung ue40d8000

The Samsung ue40d8000 is a great LED television. Samsung has always been a popular brand of television, but their latest offering in the form of LED TVs have proved even more popular than they were expecting and the ue40d8000 is leading the pack.

The fact that this television is a 40” TV helps a great deal because most people want a big TV, but are uncertain about going bigger than 40 inches. They reason that a bigger TV will dominate their room too much and that they cannot sit far enough away from the TV to appreciate a bigger picture than this.

Why The Samsung ue40d8000 is So Popular

The fact that this TV has an LED rather than a plasma screen is part of the reason this TV is so popular. The picture quality is better as a result, plus the fact that it is HD TV is a big selling point. It also has a Freeview HD tuner and unlike many other TVs offers a Freesat HD tuner as well. Which you use is down to you, and customers appreciate having the choice between the two tuners. Most other TVs have only one tuner fitted and a lot of them are not HD ready.

Built in wi-fi and SmartTV means that you can surf the internet using your Samsung ue40d8000 television. You have automatic access to BBC iPlayer, Facebook, LoveFilm, Muzu TV, Picasa, Skype TV, Twitter, YouTube and can use the web browser to surf the web.

The price of this TV is right too with many retailers offering it for less than £1,000.

Where to Buy a Samsung ue40d8000

You will find the full range of Samsung TVs available on the High St. However the internet is also a good place to buy this TV. Several firms sell them and many have them in stock and are able to deliver them in under a week. Online you can shop around and get the best price. Plus there are several customer reviews for the Samsung ue40d8000, which you can read on-line before you make your final decision about buying one.

Simply Electricals recommends the Samsung ue40d8000. You can buy from them, read reviews about this TV and see the entire list of specifications.