Sell my phone and don’t get left behind

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has got consumers across the world excited. In scenes reminiscent of Apple product launches customers have been queuing overnight to get their hands on these shiny new handsets. And what an incredible specification these new smartphones have. It’s hard not to be dissatisfied with that old brick from last year when the latest gadgets like this one hit the shelves.

It’s big launches like this that get people thinking the same thought – it’s time to sell my phone. Get some cash for the old one and put it towards a new handset. It’s a great plan and a short cut to getting the latest model. One step closer to a great new phone.

Much the easiest way to do this is mobile phone recycling. That old model might have lost its appeal, but it’s still worth something. Each handset contains many valuable components that can be salvaged and reused. And anything toxic is disposed of properly, which is great for the environment too. It’s the smart way to make some extra cash and the right thing to do for the planet.

Sell my mobile? Why bother when recycling is this easy? So how does it work? There’s really nothing to it. The website with give customers a quote. If they are happy they can accept and a prepaid envelope will be sent out. Pop the phone back in the post and provided it passes testing then payment is issued. The whole process takes next to no time. And by selecting the bank transfer option that money will soon be hitting the customer’s account.

Then it’s time join the stampede come launch time with everyone else and get a great new phone. That extra cash will certainly come in handy. There’s no need to get left behind.

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