Mobile phone recycling is the responsible thing to do

Everyone wants a new phone, but what happens to all of the old ones? Well quite a few end up in cupboards and drawers at home, only to be thrown out when people have a clear up. This is a mistake on two different levels. Firstly old phones are still worth something and it’s easy to get cash for them. Secondly mobiles need to be disposed of properly. They contain many elements that are highly toxic. Just chucking them out in the rubbish is highly irresponsible and damages the environment.

Mobile phone recycling is the way to go and thanks to increased levels of advertising more and more people are switching on to the right way to do things. First the really good part. Mobile phone recycling companies pay good money for old handsets. Yes, that old brick that someone might be bored of can be recycled for cash. How come? Because these old phones still contain many valuable components that can be reused. Anything that can’t be salvaged and used again is disposed of properly and responsibly. It’s a classic win win situation. Don’t think sell my mobile necessarily. Think recycle for cash.

So if that contract is starting to tick down and people’s minds are turning to shiny new phones, don’t forget to get cash for the old one and make sure the right thing is done by the environment. In today’s throw away consumer society it’s easy to be seduced by the new without thinking about what to do with the old. This system to sell my mobile to a recycling company takes care of this conundrum. It’s responsible and profitable. What’s not to like?

Just get a quote, pop the phone into the prepaid envelope and wait for payment to hit the bank account. It really is that simple.

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