How Cash for Phones Policies Recycle Mobile Phones

Since its formation as the first wireless electronic device that allows people to correspond with each other, the mobile phone continues to play a pivotal part within modern society. The ever-increasing technological capabilities continue to further the boundaries of phone devices to provide customers with next generation products. This leads to a general progression of models which are innovative and new, only to be rendered obsolete by a more updated version that offers more in terms of design features or specification qualities.

An estimated six billion people across the world have a current existing mobile phone subscription for their respective purpose. It effectively illustrates that each person worldwide owns at least one mobile phone, whether for business or to keep in touch with friends and family members.

As new, innovative models continue to be released by phone manufacturers, it leads to a process of old phones being effectively discarded. This can either result in mobile phones being kept in a drawer as a back-up in case the new phone becomes damaged or broke, or binned and subsequently sent to landfill. Choosing not to recycle mobile phone can not only lead to emissions of dangerous chemicals within the environment, water supply and soil, but also cause a significant risk to the health and lives of those who become contaminated via cadmium, mercury or lithium held within mobile phones.

It is for this reason that recycle mobile phone policies are established by companies who wish to save the environment and reduce toxicity levels. Companies offer a variable amount of cash for phones, primarily based upon their age. Upon sending an old or unused phone to be recycled by a phone retailer, people can be assured that the phone is handled in the correct manner in accordance with ethical and environmental codes.

Phone companies who offer a cash for phone policy effectively recycle mobile phones via two methods. As the Chinese, Indian and African markets cannot always provide their population with brand new models, all phones that can be reused are effectively offered to all three areas. Phones which are broke beyond repair and no longer work are dealt with using means which are environmentally and ethically sound. This ensures that both phone companies and people do their bit to save the environment.

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