Raise brand awareness with promotional merchandise.

Marketing budgets are tighter than ever. Reducing spending on marketing when the economic times are tougher can be a fatal error. Nevertheless, along with the training budget, it\\\’s usually the one that, unfairly, gets reduced. Whatever funds you are left with, you need to use wisely. The powers that be are counting every penny right now, so you really need to demonstrate the effectiveness of your spending and the marketing methods you choose.

Modern marketing is dominated by technology and social networking sites. Which is fine. Of course technology has a place in modern marketing, but it\\\’s a mistake to abandon all of the old school ways of doing things. Don\\\’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Take promotional merchandise for example. Most of us still work in an office at a desk with a computer, so all of the old maxims hold true. Give people promotional products like pens, mouse mats and calendars that they can make practical use of and enjoy and investigate in their own time, and you give your company an effective form of advertising and raising brand awareness that outlasts pretty much any alternative. Those items will sit on a desk for months and months and months. Your brand and marketing messages will be visible for all that time, with minimal outlay versus other advertising methods.

People don\\\’t like to be interrupted. Plus they like something they use too. Promotional merchandise ticks all of these boxes. In highly competitive markets, customers will often order from the last supplier who\\\’s name they can remember or whose details are at the forefront of their min. Promotional products help you win the battle of recognition. They help ensure your company doesn\\\’t get forgotten about in the battle for the hearts and minds of customers. Get complacent and you\\\’ll soon start losing orders.

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