Overwhelming the host network surging car

Development of the times makes people more dependent on cars, more and more inseparable from the Internet. When your car only when equipped with ordinary car stereo, it is a car anyone can have. But when your car system also allows the network connection, you have the attendant computer equivalent, it can make your car into a vehicle, make your car into a sound bar, a theater, a office, one that you can access anytime, anywhere and leisure by games. Thus, in the field of car host, an Internet-based wave is rapidly sweeping the industry open to! Car industry surging host network (HC Auto Accessories Network with map) Click here to view all news photos Car industry surging host network Careful attention to the industry leading new car and the release of the latest major companies, not difficult to find all the changes are closely around one word: networking. November 24, caska "E-CAR Car Network Information Platform" conference, kicked off in Guangzhou on a grand, this new collection of PTT services, dynamic Navigation, Wireless Internet, smart seven core technology, super big smart information, subject to the industry and the media attention. With 25, from 250 dealers across the country has rushed International Limited Shenzhen Yuan Feng "Golden Dolphin" 2009 will be new experience, set foot on board Video Iphone-like experience like crazy! 26, E Road, Air Hong Kong Huafeng host again in the car blew up a network within the hot cyclone, the peer solemnly announced: the company’s MID M600 mobile devices officially listed it! M600 3G and navigation functions to achieve the perfect combination, not only online navigation, but also handheld video calls through the network, is a true handheld mobile computer. Overnight, as if all of the products are put on the vehicle information, and network "new clothes" The rapid pace of product development, functional improvement in a timely manner, amazing amazing. Popular entertainment vehicle for vehicle safety, comfort and convenience of manipulation, and so put forward higher requirements. As the nature of car transport is changing, as information, network depth, vehicle information, the network has been the general trend. Humanity, intelligence, integration, information of car audio design, more by consumers. The number of manufacturers targeting this market opportunities and the high ground, have been gearing up all style all their own and wanted to share this piece within a limited cake soup. Domestic Vehicle Information Services is in the ascendant Car Information Service System (Telematics) is formed by the Telecommunication and Informatics, vehicle information is based wireless voice, digital Communicate And satellite GPS System, based on the exchange of information technologies through the car, through the positioning system and wireless communication network, to the driver and passengers traffic information, emergency response, remote vehicle diagnostics and the Internet ( Financial Trading, news, Electronic Mail, etc.) services. Sina Auto Channel and Xinhua in a letter jointly launched an international on-board Electronic Control Unit survey, up 33.4% of respondents would like their car assembly car information system (trip computer), showing vehicle information processing system The position is being rapidly improved, communication systems, computer systems will greatly promote the development of automotive electronics car trend is now irreversible. At home, car information service is in the ascendant. G-Book and OnStar is the first installation of its sophisticated use of the field. In order to seize the market, G-Book and OnStar are free way to take in advance. Toyota G-Book introduction to China, currently installed in the Lexus RX series car with the Camry, the former owners can enjoy at least four years of free service, which the owner can enjoy two years of free service. Angie Star (OnStar) service will be the first to apply Cadillac Series models, and then extended to other series models. For with Anji Star (OnStar) of vehicles, Shanghai GM will be in the first year of service charge. This promotion strategies have paid off, Guangzhou Toyota Automobile Co., Ltd. Sell Planning Minister Wu Baojun Marketing Division said that the current Camry G-Book is about a month close to 800. Customers to lodge a complaint with the future is almost, but very good.


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