Paddleboard Paddles – Top 5 SUP Board and Paddle Bags

The better care you take of your stand up paddle surfing equipment, the longer it will last. A key element of taking good care of your SUP surfing boards and paddle board paddles is the bags in which you transport and store them. Although there are plenty of SUP paddle and board bags on the market, not all of them offer the degree of protection and care that your fiber paddles equipment deserves.

When looking for the right bags for your paddleboard surfing boards and paddles, it’s important to find bags that fit your specific gear. Your board is probably customized to your specific body size and surfing style, and it’s important that its bag is customized to fit it as snugly as possible. Carbon fiber paddles come in different sizes and weights, each in need of a case that will fit it properly. racing paddles and gear have their own specific transportation and storage needs.

Some paddles for sale come with their own paddle bags, while others don’t. Check board and paddle reviews before buying equipment to make sure that other consumers had no difficulty finding bags to fit the specific boards or paddle board paddles in which you are interested. Here are a few of the top manufacturers that specialize in bags for paddle board paddles, cases for paddle board accessories, and coffins for the paddle boards themselves.
DaKine: DaKine bags have a reputation for being both sturdy and handy. With almost half an inch of foam protection, a reinforced handle, and a rust-resistant zipper, DaKine SUP bags offer some of the best quality available in SUP gear cases. DaKine also carries bags for your paddle board paddles that feature a telescoping design able to adjust to the specific lengths of your paddles.

On a Mission: On a Mission bags feature a clever S-shaped zipper design for maximum accessibility. They are resistant to both UV and heat but only come with about a quarter inch of foam protection. On a Mission bags generally come with rubber air vents, adjustable shoulder straps, and plenty of pockets for accessories.

Curve: Curve is a New Zealand company with a line of top-quality SUP accessories and bags. Curve bags come in three sizes, each of which features external pockets that are made just for storing paddle board paddles. The outer layers of Curve bags are made from material that is highly water resistant, and the inner layers are made from material that is highly reflective to ensure the highest degree of protection for your gear.

FCS: Featuring some of the thickest padding in the business, FCS bags are perfect for arduous journeys. Many FCS bags are large enough to fit multiple boards with or without the fins still attached. Most also come with padded bags for paddle board paddles.

Channel Islands: Channel Islands offers a large variety of sizes and styles in its SUP case collection. Although some of their bags cost as much as nearly $300, they feature a high degree of protection and lots of pockets for storing SUP gear and accessories.

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