Detailing Car Tips – Glass Cleaning

If cleaning auto glass is some sort of art, then you are lucky to have your work that is also a form of creation. This puts things into perspective. Auto glass that is really dirty should be cleaned at once especially if it’s your car. It will be obvious on your vehicles windows that you havea problem. Auto glass is considered as your friend especially when you’re on the road. It acts as your eyes through the long winding road.

There are varieties of auto glass cleaners that are available in the market which contains ammonia. Ammonia is a car cleaner ingredient that serves to be good in cleaning auto glasses. There are also auto glass cleaners that can be found inside your house that can be effective in cleaning. The ingredients for the recipe consist of: vinegar and water with a sprinkle of your car’s detergent. There is a more complex concoction which is composed of sudsy ammonia, dish washing detergent, a gallon of water, and 70% alcohol.

Some auto detailers would insist that plain water is the best ingredient in cleaning your auto glass. Even collected rain can become the perfect solution for your auto glass cleaning.

Thorough cleaning of auto glass can come in different processes. But before that, you have to make sure that you have every material needed are all laid out so that work can proceed smoothly. Now, down with the work. You can do this while using green waterless wash on your car.

Wash the auto glass with water and soap. Then, use the cleaner that you have chosen to clean both the exterior and interior of your auto glass. You have to be very particular in cleaning the inside of your car especially when it’s new. This supports the idea that interiors made of plastic releases materials which are gaseous which leaves a film in the inside of your car.

You can choose to use microfiber towels and see how it can make wonders for your technique in cleaning the auto glass. This material won’t harm the surface of your windows and auto glass, leaving no scratch marks.

Lastly, like what people do after bathing, you have to dry the auto glass. Pass a clean piece of cloth inside and outside the car. Use a cloth either made of paper towel or cotton or a lint free rag without applying any kind of cleaner. If you opted to use towels made of paper, don’t choose the ones that have designs or prints on them because this may contribute to slight scratches on your car’s auto glass. While you are doing the dry passing, inspect your car’s auto glass carefully in different angles for missed imperfections and residues that you might have left out. If you have done a good job, you can eliminate the streaking.

Cleaning auto glass should never be done under direct heat or sunlight or if you have a “hot” car surface. Make sure that you have several towels in order to have a cleaner slate for every auto glass portion. Other auto detailers use newspapers to clean the auto glass because of the belief that it contains polishing properties.

Your attention is always a must especially when attending to a do-it-yourself car detailing. You have to be sure that you are prepared to get “messed up” when cleaning your car. In this way, you can learn and maybe in the future, earn for what you know.

Kate Williams is a certified window tint Spokane specialist and assists auto detailing tips companies.

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