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To get to know the places and see the sights where history is made is a great pleasure. Every part of the city posses something to tell. But sometimes one can miss visiting important places. So one who wants to really enjoy London walks must find passages other from the busy streets. And search for those routes which can take them to secret and really important places of the city. There are many tours which can guide your London walks and can take you to the hidden and secret places of history. Some of the tours provide tour which follows the footsteps of Jack the ripper. You can discover the mysterious and spookier vacation of London’s haunted places. You can also walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare and Dickens or move to the courtyards of the Inns of Court where you will see that time well and truly stands still and also enjoy the famous pubs of old London. It is at these secret places where you will find London’s past coming to life and make you feel that have come to the past and part of the history.Only thing you have to decide from which guide you have to do your tour. Some of the tours need to book your seat in advance so that the number is manageable and limited. You will get every assistance to make your trip easy, memorable and informative. Whatever requirement the tour has is fulfilled and care is taken that it comes up to the expectations for the tourists. Though London is the main site for London walks you may get a trip that consists not only about London but other places like Dublin, Edinburgh and Windsor etc. that also keeps relevance along with London and cannot be leftover in London walks.

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