Lodges in Scotland

Lodges in Scotland make fantastic holiday destinations. The vast majority of them are located in beautiful countryside. They are modern and have all of the amenities that you could possibly want.

The Advantages of Lodges in Scotland

Because the majority of lodges in Scotland are self-catering, they are great for independent holidaymakers. The fact that you are staying self-catering allows you to choose what you do and exactly when you do it. If you want to stay in watch television and enjoy a takeaway, you can do so. However, if you want to go out and enjoy the sights and a restaurant meal you can do that too.

Lodges make great jumping off points if you want to see the two sides. Despite being located mostly in the countryside, you are normally still sufficiently close enough to a town or city to allow you good access to public transport.

If you are a large group travelling together, lodges are ideal accommodation. Everyone can stay together and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about disturbing the other guests. If you were to stay in a hotel, much of the socialising you can do in a lodge would simply not be possible.

Most have space outside, so in the summer you can enjoy eating outside together. Because most of them are located on holiday parks, you can also enjoy outdoor pursuits together such as kicking a ball around or going for long walks. Some lodges allow you to bring your pets, which is something most hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation does not allow.

Finding Lodges in Scotland

The best place to find lodges in Scotland is the internet. Online, you can find lodges located in all parts of Scotland. However, by far the best value for money is offered by holiday parks. In most cases, they will have several lodges located on each site. The fact that they are running several lodges means that they can do so for less than somebody who is running only one lodge can. Economies of scale allow them to save money and pass the savings onto their holidaymakers.


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