Starting Your Holiday Early

When heading away on holiday, it is not uncommon to have to get up at the crack of dawn to make your way to the airport. However, not only is this a rather unsavoury start to what should be the most relaxing week of the year, but by arriving at your destination feeling tired and simply wishing to head to bed you are more often than not likely to end up wasting your first day too.

As such, starting your holiday a day early could mean that you not only get to enjoy that first full day far more, but that you actually get some added luxury into the bargain too.

Using airport hotels will usually allow you to have a luxurious stay before you go away, potentially even allowing you a day out in a city the day before you fly too. Whilst this may seem extravagant on the surface as a mere way to avoid an early start, the majority of airport hotels will offer free airport parking too. This means that the cost of parking can be instantly deducted from what you are paying and you may well find that a very luxurious stay can cost very little in the end, and allow you to start your holiday earlier to boot.

This means that your early start can be far less tiring and that your trip to the airport also doesn’t have to cause you huge amounts of stress. Many people leave far earlier than they need to on the day of their holiday simply to ensure they are covered in case of excessive traffic or accidents, but with airport parking already sorted and the airport being a mere few minutes away, a hotel stay can allow you to relax right up until the very last minute instead of spending hours in an airport when you really don’t need to.

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