New rules on data roaming charges may be welcomed by holidaymakers

When people arrange holidays, they are often operating on limited budgets. It is no surprise therefore that they tend to seek impressive deals on parking at Birmingham Airport and so on. With this in mind, many individuals planning trips in Europe may welcome news that mobile data roaming charges are to fall.

European ministers have agreed to new legislation that places a price cap on these fees and it is thought that millions of tourists will benefit from significantly cheaper mobile phone bills.

The move was based on plans laid out earlier this year and the new legislation will come into force on July 1st. So, anyone who is using Birmingham Airport parking from this date onwards will be able to take advantage of the regulations.

Calls will cost a maximum of 29 euro cents (23 pence) a minute to make and eight cents to receive, with web access costing 70 cents per megabyte. These charges will continue to decline to 19 cents per minute for calls and 20 cents per megabyte of internet usage by 2014.

Also, consumers, including those who have utilised parking at Birmingham Airport before jetting off on holiday, will be allowed to choose a different operator for roaming. It is hoped this will bring about more competition.

Commenting on the move, coordinator of the campaign Bengt Beier said: “We are glad governments accepted the new regulation just as the parliament did on May 10th. The new rules are a step forward for consumer protection. But it will take another two years until we will know for sure whether prices will really drop.”

By being savvy and paying attention to their expenditure when they are planning trips abroad, individuals can benefit from some impressive deals. This applies when they are booking Birmingham Airport parking, arranging accommodation and so on.

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