UK Holidaymakers taking a chance with no insurance

There are many details of trips for people to organise before they can head off on holiday. For example, they may need to arrange parking at Manchester Airport. However, it seems there is one element of vacation planning that a considerable number of individuals are neglecting.

According to specialist insurer Hiscox, 19 per cent of consumers it polled said they either do not bother taking out financial cover for their trips, think they are covered under another insurance policy such as health or simply do not know.

Meanwhile, one in ten respondents revealed they do not know what they are covered for in the event of the loss of valuables or luggage.

The firm also discovered that 36 per cent of thrill seekers who engage in extreme sports on their vacations, such an bungee jumping, only sometimes check or never check whether their travel insurance covers them for their activities.

Responding to the findings, insurance expert at Hiscox Colin Wallace said: “Recent changes in the rules governing the sales of holidays have further strengthened consumer protection. However, understanding what you are covered for can become confusing and there is a worrying degree of complacency when it comes to Britons making sure that they have the right travel insurance, or indeed any cover at all.”

He went on to advise holidaymakers, including those who use Manchester Airport parking, to take the time to think through their travel plans and consider what form of cover they need. According to the specialist, this can help take the stress out of journeys.

As long as people allow themselves enough time to arrange their parking at Manchester Airport, financial cover and the other details of their trips, they should not struggle to achieve their goals. Thankfully, much of this planning can be done online. For example, it is straightforward for consumers to organise Manchester Airport parking over the web.

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