Affiliate Services

Once if you have decided to purchase from us, then this is the procedure we follow- right after your payment for the goods, the goods are made ready which is then verified by our QC engineer who will test the goods, this may take 1 to 2 days. Following that our specialized person will wrap up your package and dispatch it to our shipping providers like EMS, DHL, etc. This may take 3 to 6 working days for you to get your goods. If, perhaps you have any sort of queries with regard to purchase, you can also contact us through online and our team can improve and even remove all your difficulties. Shop from us it is very simple and powerful.
Do you prefer to get goods from us and earn profit? Call us today for additional information. We enjoy joining with you and serving all your business needs to achieve great heights.
We are here to ease your payment methods by offering many options for your clients, which helps your associates to lessen their work in getting their payments. This is bundled with agendas developed by you; Each and every time your associates get paid promptly. This helps to relieve from pressure which could be faced in everyday business and facilitates our customers to concentrate on other significant problems in establishing their business.
Your online booking can be paid either through credit card or PayPal, you are completely safe now. If you encounter any issues in purchase and you wanted to cancel your shipping? Connect with us online and we are here to provide you with a solution. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern.
Enroll with us today; it takes just a few minutes. There are many delighted customers who are served by us. You can choose any number of merchandise online, which includes MP3, MP4 player; Camera, Mobile phone and other electronics at affordable price after you became a user. This is the right time to spend less and buy more from us.
Thanks a lot for taking a look at our services and we are sure that you can compare our services with any other service which are available in the market; definitely you will find us the one who offers you reliable goods at affordable price.
We are happy to serve you at any time a day, ready to answer all your queries and provide you live 24/7 support.
You can login in our site and keeps you up to date with payments dates and also account balances for transactions made in the past, present or future.

Affiliate services

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