Cold weather ‘causing plumbing problems’

The UK has seen some unusually cold weather so far this winter and as well as causing disruption with the transport network, this has resulted in difficulties for many homeowners. Indeed, one insurance firm has reported a significant rise in the number of claims being made as a result of snow damage. Some of the people affected may have had to replace plumbing supplies and heating supplies.

According to AXA, it registered double the normal volume of calls and new claims in the second week of December. During this period, 65 per cent of all claims were related to the cold weather.

Many of the problems concerned the sheer weight of the snow and ice that built up on roofs, causing gutters to break and roof tiles to be affected. Meanwhile, burst pipes were also resulting in damage to properties.

When the water in pipes freezes, it expands. In some cases, this leads to cracks developing and then when the temperature warms and the ice turns back to water, homes can be flooded. Also, plumbing supplies and heating supplies need to be fixed or replaced.

However, it was not only difficulties with properties that were causing a rise in insurance claims. The roads were also proving hazardous and there was an 85 per increase in single vehicle accidents as people skidded off roads into walls and trees, AXA suggested.

Responding to the figures, the firm’s Amanda Edwards said: “We cannot stress enough to people how important it is to take precautions in the current cold snap. Homes should be kept warm to prevent burst pipes, while driving in snow and ice should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

“It is too early to put any sort of financial cost on all these claims but the emotional trauma will already be being felt by many.”

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