What is Proper Auto Detailing

Complete Detail

The Complete Auto Detail starts with an exterior wash including wheels and wheel wells, an interior vacuum of carpet and seats and wiping of the dash, console and door panels. Finally tire dressing is applied and the windows are cleaned to a streak free clarity.

These are some averages for an auto detail:

CARS $115
Perfection Detail

This detail is designed to serve as a overhaul cleaning for your car. The process starts out by using a wash procedure to safely and effectively remove all traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, wheels, arches and jambs. The engine bay is also thoroughly cleaned at this stage. We then clay the bodywork and exterior glass to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as road tar, tree sap, and brake dust, which do not come off with safe washing methods. We then apply a single coat of a high quality wax or sealant to the bodywork; this will not only add valuable protection against contaminants that would otherwise bond to the paints surface but also significantly enhances the appearance of the paint. The wax or sealant will typically protect for up to 4 months. We then complete the exterior detail by sealing the wheels and glass, dressing the tyres, arches and engine bay, and polishing the exhaust tips if applicable. Finally, we clean the interior with a steamer, dress and vacuum the interior, and carefully feed the leather seating surfaces and door panels. The entire procedure can usually be completed in a single day.

Paintwork Correction is the skilled art of actually removing blemishes from your vehicles paintwork, not just merely masking them with fillers. By using specialist tools and high end products not typically available to the average enthusiast, it is possible to remove things like swirls, buffer trails, holograms and oxidation. Minor scratches and micro marring can even be totally and safely eliminated.

If your vehicle is in need of more than a light polishing of any imperfections, we can also perform 2 and 3 stage polishes to remove things like etching from bird droppings and heavier scratches and improper washing marks.

James “Jim” Utah an an expert in headlight polishing and Car Detailing Toledo Services.