Vancouver Roof covering Complications

In Vancouver extra care is needed when getting an estimate for a home. A roofing contractor in Vancouver is required to know exactly what they are handling while taking your roof off. Unforeseen costs are a frequent situation in Vancouver and each house owner needs to be prepared.

Heritage- being among the oldest areas within the GVRD you can understand that there are some pretty old homes. Having a steep pitch roof, most likely near 12/12 pitch that basically would mean 45 degree angle roof. The very first roof was cedar shake sitting on strapping. I’m not sure if it was being lazy or even the norm, if people were trying to spend less but if you’ve this roof it is likely you got multiple layer on the top. The original is still on and 2 additional levels sit over the cedar shake.I’ve find home exactly where 5 levels sat on top of the home. According to building code nowadays a Vancouver roofing company must take out all layers if a new roof is to be placed above. You folks often pay more due to the steepness, the few layers of roof, the plywood deck as well as the difficulty. You may be two feet from your neighbors

Low Slope – Vancouver special homes run throughout East Vancouver. The slight issue with these homes in terms of roofing is always that fewer and fewer roofing companies out there do tar and gravel. The option you might have is torch on or metal. Asphalt roofing shingles can not go on these types of homes. Your pitch is to low and asphalt probably would not last ten years. Vancouver roofing contractors which were in the business of torch on for longer than ten years are most likely reliable. Snow and ice build up on these roofs cause mini swimming pools to develop on your own roof and result in major leaking, always keep the gutters and downpipes clear.

Low Slope or Steep Slope cedar shake – In Vancouver this is common on the West side. There isn’t much to say of Cedar in Vancouver. There was clearly a long period through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when Vancouver roofing companies were not installing cedar. Most Cedar roofs are new construction. cedar is the one product which most issues can be identified before the work begins

Low Slope or Steep Slope Asphalt roofing – If you have asphalt roofing and it hasn’t been modified during the last a decade then you have a solid deck. Since the 70’s asphalt came into the market. With new design shiplap or also known as tongue and groove was the only real alternative of a solid deck. Shiplap moves a lot in the winter and in summer months so plywood needs to be layered down by the roofing contractor.

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