I Cannot Get Pregnant

It’s a question that’s been asked a million times…”why is it I cannot get pregnant?” After spending our youth avoiding this situation it’s amazing to see the shear number of women who are struggling with this problem. Never in our wildest dreams did we stop to consider that one day we would wonder why we cannot get pregnant.

Believing that you cannot get pregnant is overwhelming. It is something that may be real or it may be that you just haven’t given it enough time. Wanting a family is such a strong desire that it is easy to panic and think that you cannot get pregnant based on very little evidence.There are several reasons that may play a role if you believe you cannot get pregnant and knowing them in advance you can take them into consideration.

In the past the worry that you would hear you cannot get pregnant was a concern that happened much later in life. Women have often waited until their late thirties to start their families. This gave them ample time to develop a successful career. Or if they had some burning desire in their lives, they had years to go out and make it real. Any hint that you cannot get pregnant before the late thirties was not taken very seriously. But at that age,having done with starting careers and all, the idea of having a family could receive all their attention. It seemed to be perfect timing and no one could imagine that they would be faced with the news that they cannot get pregnant.

The trend is no longer to wait until your late thirties. What used to be 35 years old is now closer to 25! Women are no longer putting their family plans on hold while they conquer the world. In fact 44% of women who are turning to fertility services and looking for assistance getting pregnant are under 35. These women cannot get pregnant and this is a major shift in timing.

And even younger women are still struggling with the fact that they cannot get pregnant. The number of 24 year olds that has had trouble conceiving has almost doubled in the past several years. Obviously what had been a problem for women over 35 is also a problem for those much younger. It still seems strange that someone this young would be looking at why they cannot get pregnant.

One of the major factors in being able to become pregnant is age. Isn’t age just everything these days? Unfortunately our ovaries do have a lifespan of their own. To get pregnant takes eggs, and they need to be young and healthy eggs. As we age we simply do not make as many eggs. And the ones we do make are not always of the quality that produce successful pregnancies and may be the reason you cannot get pregnant.

Fertility also changes drastically as we age. The ability to get pregnant is very personal and women who cannot get pregnant often find that their bodies are to blame. On average fertility peaks at some point in your twenties. By the time most women are 31 their chances of getting pregnant are dropping at least 3% a year. And if you cannot get pregnant when you hit 35 the rate almost doubles! Time certainly is not on your side.If you cannot get pregnant it could unfortunately be nothing other than your age.

On average a woman can conceive until she is about 41. If she cannot get pregnant, like everything it depends on her body and everyone is a little different. Sometimes women have children late into their 40’s and 50’s. And then there are the sad cases where the ability to conceive seems to end in your 30’s and you are faced with the news that you cannot get pregnant. It is something there is not really a way to know until it may be too late.

However, family history does play a part in fertility. It has been shown that if your Mother had a child late in life , it is likely you will be able to also.If you are wondering why you cannot get pregnant genetics can make a difference so glancing around your family tree may give you some insight to what you should expect.

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