Welding Helmets

You may wonder how I know so much about welding helmets. You may not hear this very often but I come from a long line of welders, of which I am very proud. My grandfather used to be a welder in Newcastle where he played his part in the building of ships, some of which saw action in World War Two. It was then a natural progression that my dad went into welding and he then started his own welding business which I joined at the age of eighteen and I took over the company a couple of years ago when my dad retired. You can’t believe how much things have changed since my grandfather was a welder, the welding helmets then were so basic compared to the safety conscious welding helmets of today.

Serious technology has gone into welding helmets that protect the welder’s eyes which are the most vulnerable part of the body when welding. With old welding helmets it was quite common place to get a complaint called arc eye, a painful condition where the cornea becomes inflamed. The modern day welding helmets also protect the welder from burning their retinas thanks to special filters on the lens shade. They also protect other vulnerable areas such as skin burns from the ultra violet light.

Of course welding helmets aren’t sold on every street corner as they are quite a specialist piece of equipment. The place that I always use to buy my welding helmets is a firm called www.weldersarcade.co.uk. They really are a top notch firm that understand all the needs and requirements of the modern day welder. By using this excellent firm I am confident and secure that all my employees are much safer than my grandfather and his colleagues were during the Second World War.

Weldersarcade.co.uk are suppliers of electric welding and plasma cutting equipment; visit our website for more information on Welding Helmets and Welding Mask .

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