Is it time to invest in a next generation multi-head weigher?

Some items are very difficult to process and handle, take soft and sticky foodstuffs for example. Thanks to modern technology it’s possible to box and package them up faster than ever before, but what about weighing them? This can pose a real challenge to the distribution businesses that operate in this industry.

Anything that slows any kind of production process down like this is a problem. In this environment time is very much money. By their very nature goods and foods like this are very difficult to handle. They are soft, sticky and sensitive, which poses a raft of challenges when it comes to accurate weighing.

Thankfully modern weighers are making a real difference. Once installed they allow a business operating in this sector to double check the weight of products going out like never before.

A multi-head weigher is an investment that soon starts paying itself back. There are the obvious time savings to factor in for starters, but more accurate readings and weighing have a knock on effect. Goods are shipped in exactly the right quantities. This is hugely important.

Modern weighers use the very latest technology to not only give accurate weights, but to handle difficult to process items like soft fruits for example. Once installed an operation will wonder how they ever go by without one.
If this element of production is causing issues then it might well be time to take a look at investing in one of the very latest next generation multi-head weighing systems.

A good supplier will analyse customer need first and then suggest the appropriate system based on the information that they gather. If this is a problem then it needs attending to right away. Delays and problems are only costing time and money. It’s all straightforward enough to fix with a new system that’s more reliable, faster and more accurate.

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