Why Are Some Cats So Timid?

As with people, not all cats are the same. Whilst some may love nothing more than running up to every new person they meet to get attention and fuss, scared by nothing at all (except the vacuum cleaner of course), others will run for cover the moment they hear the door open and not appear again until long after even the quietest guest has left.

So what is it that makes certain cats so shy?

Well, there are many things that can make a cat timid, from the way they might have been treated in the past to the fact that some breeds just happen to be far less sociable or confident than others. For owners, shier cats can seem like a problem and they may feel that they never truly bond with their pet and never get the great benefit of the love and affection that cats will usually bring.

However, a shy cat might not always have to stay a shy cat. The more they get used to people and other animals, the more likely they are to feel happy being around them. Be patient and always try to be reassuring in both your actions and your tone. You may also find that offering treats to your pet as a reward for being social can help them to feel galvanised to make an effort.

The right pet food may also help. Certain poor quality foods can have a strange but marked affect on the behaviour of animals and, therefore, even just opting to give them a food that makes them feel more energised may well help them to come out of their shell somewhat.

However, there is one other potential cause, and if a cat suddenly becomes shy for seemingly no reason, there may well be an illness at play and, as such, if you notice any major changes in behaviour it may well be worth talking to your vet.

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