Keeping Your Home Snug this Holiday Season

There are many great ways of effectively heating your home during the holiday season and also several ways of saving money while doing so.  These include looking for the best gas and electricity tariffs from alternative suppliers, as well as choosing a more energy efficient boiler given the large proportion of home energy used for heating and hot water. When searching for the most energy-efficient boiler, look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label.

A great amount of the energy used can be reduced simply by using your central heating controls in a clever way. Such controls can include thermostats for heating and hot water as well as radiator valves that include thermostats, in addition to electronic timers. There are several key actions that can keep your home warm for less money, such as using the timer to ensure that you are only using heating when you need it, as well as turning the room thermostat down by just 1 degree Celsius.

You may also wish to consider insulating your walls and loft. The fact that a great deal of the heat lost in a home that is not insulated escapes through the walls or the roof means that you could save a substantial amount of money simply by having loft insulation and cavity wall insulation installed. It can take just a few hours to install cavity wall insulation if you have a typical three bedroom house, and it can even be done from the outside.

To do this, your house will need to have cavity walls, although solid walls can also be insulated at a much greater expense. Loft insulation, meanwhile, can be installed very easily, and indeed you could do it yourself. It is worth checking how thick your loft insulation is if you already have it, as you can save both energy and money simply by adding another layer to bring it up to the recommended 270 millimetres.

There are other ways of keeping your home snug during the holiday season. It is well worth installing double glazing, for example, which can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that you lose through windows. You may also wish to consider insulating your hot water tank or lagging your pipes. If you feel cold air blowing into your home around your windows, meanwhile, it is a good idea to put draught-proofing strips around them, which will keep warm air from escaping.

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