Watch your energy use with an electricity monitor

An electricity monitor allows you to easily keep on top of how much electricity you are using in your home, at the same time as you are using it, while also giving you a helping hand in determining your gas and electricity costs. Those who have fitted electricity monitors in their homes have tended to see declines of between 5% and 15% in their energy use in the first year of using them.

An electricity monitor is an electronic device that provides a means of monitoring the amount of electricity that is being used at your home at a specific time. It is also often referred to as a ‘real time display’ or ‘RTD’. The cable from your electricity meter has a clip from your monitor attached to it. This allows you to measure and transmit the current wirelessly to a display that can be placed anywhere in your home.

A clip from the monitor is attached to the cable from your electricity meter. The current is then measured and transmitted wirelessly to a display that you can keep anywhere in the house. Although you should always consult your electricity bill if you want to find out how much your electricity is truly costing you, a monitor nonetheless provides a good indication of how much you are spending. Just remember to keep your monitor updated with any alterations to your tariff.

Savings that can be made with an electricity monitor

According to estimations by the Energy Saving Trust, around 8% of a UK household’s electricity bill is wasted on standby power, which equates to about £30 a year for each household on average. Leaving lights on in unused rooms wastes another £140 million.

Small-scale trials of electricity monitors have typically resulted in customers saving a significant amount in their first year of owning one, with the chance to see the actual amount of electricity being used resulting in much smarter living.

Finding electricity monitors online

A range of retailers now exist that sell different monitors for prices ranging from £30 to over £100. Free monitors are offered by some energy suppliers with selected tariffs.

Electricity monitors come with a range of price points, indoor distance ranges, date and time displays and more. Some electricity monitors may also have features such as high use warning alarms and backlit displays.

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