Outsourced telemarketing – generate more leads and sales for your business.

Just keeping a business running seems to take up every moment of the day. Which doesn’t leave much spare capacity for strategic planning or even any proactive sales and marketing activity. So what can you do? You don’t have the budget to take anyone else on. What about help and support as and when you need it? After all who needs full time employees and all the expense they come with, when you can tap into resources and services as and when you need them?

So let’s say you need telemarketing services. No problem. By outsourcing, you can run campaigns as and when you need them and only pay for the service and resource that you use. The people making the calls can be based anywhere. As long as you give them a thorough brief they can book appointments or make sales for you. If you’re in London, you can use people in lower cost areas, making these type of telemarketing services incredibly affordable.

You use this type of service to really drive your business onto the next level. How many times have you organised a mailshot, only to be disappointed by the number of responses. With telephone support, you can run an effective follow up campaign to chase people up and wring out a few extra sales and appointments. There was probably nothing wrong with your mailshot, you just didn’t have the time or resource to follow it up properly.

When you mention the word outsourcing, people immediately think of it being the preserve of big organisations who have gotten a bit bloated and want to get back to concentrating on core activities. But the truth is, it’s just as relevant to small businesses. Extra resources can be made available at competitive rates and with flexible terms – allowing small businesses to punch above their weight and take on the bigger boys.

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