Need a helping hand – try a call answering service.

Good for you for starting your own business. You had some idea of the challenges ahead, but you didn’t realise it was going to be this tough did you? There’s just so much to do. And that’s on a good day. On a bad day, when invoices go missing and computers crash. Well, the less said about those days the better.

Working solo is fine and many small micro businesses operate happily this way. But don’t assume, just because that you don’t have budget or office space to take anyone else on to give you a hand that you have to soldier on alone. These days there are all sorts of virtual services you can sign up to, giving you and your business vital support – without the associated costs of full time office based staff. Take phone answering for example. You can’t be available all the time to take calls. You would never get anything done. You’ve got to finish that proposal or dash off to a client meeting. You have voicemail, but it’s not the same as a human response. Frustrated prospects who can’t get hold of you, will just call the competition – who will answer the phone straight away.

There is an easy solution however, and no you don’t have to hire a receptionist. Get a virtual one instead. An outsourced phone answering service is the answer to all your frustrations. Not around? No problem, your virtual office assistant will handle call answering and take messages for you. You’ll never miss another important call or business opportunity again. Call answering has the added bonus of making your business a lot bigger than it actually is. After all, perception is everything. Prices are competitive. Why not trial it and see how you get on? In this fast paced world, people want everything yesterday. Keep your customers sweet by making sure you don’t miss their calls.

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