Brief Isagenix Review From Non-Affiliated Viewpoint

Isagenix is another in a long line of health and nutrition products being marketing via the network marketing model. Their stated intention according to their main web site is to impact world health. The Isagenix product line has three main divisions of cleaning, nutrition and skin care.

Cleanse for Life, one of their main products, is advertised as a tool for weight loss along with energy and good health. This product sells in packs of two 32 oz bottles, which is to last for two days of cleansing. This would seem to be the main product recommended by Isagenix as part of their 30-day complete cleansing system. Their nine date accelerated program of cleansing also uses the Cleanse For Life and promises seven pounds of weight loss in that time. The company also appears to have a lot to offer in the way of meal replacements.

The whole line of products is available from the Isagenix website, or you can get them from any one of a network of independent retailers. They have a business model which is similar to that of Avon’s.

The company gives complete ingredient lists for all of its products. I’m not necessarily sold on the idea of all these pills and such being billed as the complete solution for weight loss. I would say that most people can find success implementing a low calorie diet, exercising regularly and a single, effective weight loss supplement, or even no weight-loss products at all. I hate to think just how many people are taking products for weigh loss without being 100% sure of the possible effects, simply because they want to be thin.

The noted ingredients for the Cleanse for Life product are Pau d’Arco inner bark, Aloe Vera leaf, suma root, IsaLyte trace minerals, eleutherococcus senticosus root extract, fennel seed, burdock root, peppermint leaf, licorice root, choline bitartrate, inositol, betain HCL and I-methionine. Sometimes I get the idea that these companies simply put stuff in their products with unusual names so that people don’t have any idea what it does, or what it is supposed to do. As a kid I had hordes of Burdock growing around my mother’s house. Never realized it could be used for losing weight. Never heard of such a thing. And I have no idea any of this stuff is apart from aloe vera and peppermint. And if anyone touches me with choline bitartrate they are going to get it!

No single ingredient on this list that is noted as a proven, effective weight loss ingredient. Though many of the items may be relatively healthy in other ways, It may possibly be more effective to include a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant on the list for maximum weight loss benefit. Standard weight loss substances are noticeably missing from this list.

I can go on for quite some time about the products as there are a lot to be inspected.

At first I began to review Isagenix only relative to someone’s ability to make a decent income as an independent representative. I had quite a bit of trouble finding any solid numbers being provided by anyone out there who is in point of fact doing very well with it as a business.

Isagenix pays it’s retailers with a binary income matrix. Only my least preferred of all network marketing pay plans. I have never liked the idea of getting paid just on the smaller leg. I agree that it causes each rep to balance their downline but it also gives you a fairly tiny percentage of revenue being paid out. In such a case, the company is only paying out on less than 50% of it’s revenue right off the bat. The Isagenix website specifies an average profit margin around 30%. So what one is really looking at in terms of income potential is having to sell tons and tons of product and recruit massively to even make any recruiting efforts worthwhile.

With a binary matrix you are just dealing with two legs underneath you. Each person has only two. One will always be larger. And you have to feed the new people you sponsor into the smaller leg because you are only getting commission on your lesser leg so you have to keep it balanced. Sometimes it’s hard to manage whom you are adding where in your downline and can make it hard to predict the future production. To break it down simply, you will be earning few dollars every month, for each person, within the lesser leg.

My opinion it that, as a business opportunity, Isagenix will be best suited for folks who are using the products because they are getting results from them and believe in them and are not terribly concerned with making big time money, and maybe one who is more interested in getting products at the wholesale price and perhaps making a bit of extra cash here and there. But just evaluating it in terms of sheer income potential it doesn’t look to be very strong.

So there is a specific market for this company. I have known people who’ve been using and selling Shackley products for many years, and they may only make a few thousand or even a few hundred extra dollars per year doing it but they are happy with that. Also of note it that for some people a business such as this one serves as a social life. That’s why I’ve been in this industry for well over a decade.

To add, I would note, a product line such as this could be very applicable to a retail store-front. If you have a significant local population interested in wellness products, or if you control your own health food or grocery store then this could be a great way to market the products, in contrast to more traditional method of word of mouth. Needless to say, this would be almost wholly a retail sales strategy than it would a recruitment strategy.

I do not sell products for Isagenix and I’ve never personally taken their products.

I was only hoping to get more reality on the company and to make more sense out of the money-making opportunity side of this company from a 3rd party point of view.

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