What You Should Know About TVI Express

TVI Express came onto the scene in 2009 and experienced what may be the fastest growth of any MLM company, at least of any one I had seen.

The pay structure, the revolving matrix was very enticing and the product was exceptional, or so I thought at first.

Specifically, when one joins as a distributor, as TVI explains in their promotional materials, he gets 6 nights and 7 days in a 3 to 5 star resort “anywhere in the world”. Wow! 6 nights anywhere in the world for $250.00? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s because it is. TVI Express has made progress in there travel booking and business arrangements with their hospitality providers but even today, more than a year after my bad experience, they still seem to be booking only in Asia.

I signed up and put a lot of people into the matrix. By the way, in my case I was the only person putting anyone in. The concept was to bring in two people, who then bring in two people and so on. Well, I brought in 20+ and only one other person brought in anyone and they brought in only one. So I was left basically providing the fuel for the whole board to cycle. Now, no one gets paid until they qualify with their first two referrals, which mean none of my people could follow me onto the next board, so it was impossible for my to cycle off the 2nd board for the big payout, unless I just wanted to flat-out donate sigups to those underneath me. This is not a good setup for people who are big producers. You have to do everything yourself, at least in my case I did.

Over many weeks I was trying to locate just one person who had been able to redeem their company travel voucher.

I could not find such a person.

I sent numerous support tickets to TVI Express’ support group.

I received no responses.

I met two different individuals, both professional people, doctors, who explained to me that they had each tried multiple times to redeem their travel and that on each occurrence, they received a notice that there would be a delay of several weeks for processing. Then, the weeks would pass and they would hear nothing. Both of these guys resubmitted several times after having waited and waited with no response and each time there has been an indefinite delay.

I met people who had contacted TVI numerous times concerning this issue, having experienced the same and wanting to redeem their travel.

TVI told them that they were having some system issues and expected them to be fixed by the beginning of the following month.

Again and again I located many other people with this same story. Months and months passed. The travel was neither deliverable or bookable.

Many months in, TVI Express continued to make announcements that the distributor booking was coming live, and with estimated availability dates.

Months went by and the dates kept getting pushed back.

Even so, TVI Express continued to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from new members who were unsuspecting of this issue.

Finally after months and months they issued an announcement that the booking was now available and provided a list of available locations.

All travel was only to India!


What ever happened to that thing about being able to vacation anywhere in the world like the TVI Express opportunity presentations said?

It just wasn’t correct.

Right after that announcement, people quit TVI is droves and my email was flooded with pitches for other opportunities from former TVI Express reps who had gone another direction. Some of these were people who were making over $100K per month with TVI Express.

Of course, you can make big money with TVI’s plan, but you have to ignore the truth to do so.

To this day I still have not met anyone who has actually been able to use their member travel certificate.

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The author has been a network marketer since 1998 and has created organizations of multiple thousands. Find many free lessons and resources as well as more information about the TVI Express opportunity via these links. The author’s stint with the TVI Express scheme was short.

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