Any Truth With The ZamZuu Scam Claims? belongs to the internet’s biggest shopping web sites. There is a lot of misinformation about the company online. Some people select to function it as a company, but frequently the rumors of a ZamZuu scam scare men and women away.

In this article you’re going to get a quick overview of what the business is, how it works, and information to determine if it is the right business opportunity for you. Before I proceed further, I need to disclose that I am not a representative for , I am not a client, and I am definitely not associated with the organization in any way. I merely research the marketplace, investigating companies so as to differentiate the reputable businesses from the ripoffs as a service to individuals like you who want third party information.

ZamZuu Shopping Saves Money

Basically, Zamzuu is actually a shopping portal. That means you utilize it as a portal to obtain entry to other name brand websites. When you make a purchase from any of the vendor websites through the portal, ZamZuu gives you cash back for your purchase. The other exciting part is that if you encourage others to shop through your portal, you can earn commissions on everything those other people buy, too!

You can use to shop at large store such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Target, and over 700 other stores. Then, when you make a purchase, you get a cash back bonus for buying through ZamZuu. In that way, it works like a Discover credit card. There’s also other things you can purchase through the site, including financial services, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, and jewelry.

The ZamZuu Opportunity

Zamzuu success from a financial standpoint, can be found through it’s business opportunity. Through the business side of the company, anyone can benefit financially from sharing their website with other people in two ways.

The easiest way to get involved with Zamzuu is for free! You simply become an independent representative, and give out your website address to other people. When they buy something through the site, you make a commission! The other way to work the business is as a “broker”. The advantage of signing on as a broker is that you can share your website with others (just like a rep), but you make an additional dollar-for-dollar match on the money your reps make.

You can earn between 30 to 60 percent of the commissions that are paid to ZamZuu. Over time, this can really add up! This is not the same as earning up to 30 to 60% of the sales volume . As an example, suppose a vendor such as Target pays out 10% to ZamZuu for all purchases made by a ZamZuu site holder. On a $200 purchase, that would mean makes $20. You would make 30 to 60% of the $20, or between $6 and $12. . As a broker, you can also earn money on leads generated at some of the financial and insurance websites through the portal.

Obviously, we can’t hit all the details of the compensation plan here, so just to summarize, people can earn upfront income as well as back-end residual income if they choose to work ZamZuu as an a business.

Does This Mean ZamZuu is really a Scam?

To judge whether a company is a scam or not, any organization has to meet certain requirements. First, it need to have a viable product that will stand alone without any kind of recruiting. Second, there have to be payouts and commissions on merchandise not just bonuses for recruiting other folks.

As I’ve already stated, ZamZuu pays people back for shopping online, whether or not they work the business side of the company or not. It appeals to the average customer for a variety of reasons including that they can shop from the comfort of their home at major brand name stores.

Money is paid out for the product purchases, plus you can also get compensated for finding other reps and brokers. Since there is a both a viable product, and compensation whether someone is a rep or not, it’s clear that the claims of a ZamZuu scam are just not correct.

ZamZuu is a legitimate company. They have experienced leaders, products people already shop for and a generous compensation plan. It has a lot to offer someone who wants a home based business to supplement their income. There is the opportunity for upfront money you can put in your pocket, as well as monthly residual checks as people buy things through your portal.

Why ZamZuu Success Seems Out of Reach

As with any network marketing business, success in ZamZuu is dependent on a person’s ability to recruit customers and new team members. You need to be willing to talk to a lot of people, and spend money to promote your business. Most people won’t do that. A lot of people struggle in ZamZuu because the marketing plan they promote is built around the same marketing ideas advocated by MLM companies in the 1980’s. Basically, they only suggest that you have group meetings and invite people into your home to show them the business and the plan. This might have worked years ago in the industry, but honestly, you will never make four or five figures per month if you just rely on your personal network of people to talk to.

Success with ZamZuu demands a modern approach of using online methods to generate leads. You can easily be sponsoring one to two new ZamZuu brokers every day if you simply follow the ideas promoted by industry experts about online lead generation.

Bottom Line

It really is merely untrue regarding the claims about a ZamZuu scam. This company is a stable MLM company with a good product that is needed in the marketplace. You have the potential to make good money if you learn modern methods of building traffic and marketing to your website to generate ZamZuu leads.

Get the truth about some other ZamZuu scam allegations. Also, this Zamzuu review gives a few more details about the business that are insightful. Cory McHale is a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado. He frequently writes about a lot of business and marketing topics. He has no ties to any network marketing company and simply enjoys researching and writing to benefit others.

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