Surprising Reasons That Are Making You Score Poorly In Mathematics!

Have you tried and tested all known ways of scoring well in your mathematics paper but still failed to get good grades?

Maybe it is time to take a step back and look at your case from a different perspective and explore the reasons why you are scoring poorly in your mathematics paper.

What reasons?

Well, they are as follows – 

You Need To Enjoy Mathematics – Try It!

Yes, you read that right and as per the opinion of an expert tutor specializing in A-level Maths Revision Courses London, even a student who dreads the thought of mathematics can start enjoying the subject.


Well, all you would need to do is fan the flames of curiosity in your mind about the concepts of mathematics. Try to figure out the real-world applications of mathematics and how it has transformed the world you live in. Find and learn case studies where scientists and researchers use mathematics to put people in space, come up with new drugs and technologies that allow you to play a graphics-rich game on your phone!

Another way to enjoy mathematics is to clear all your doubts pertaining to the theory of a maths lesson before moving on to solving problems on the same.

Ask questions, seek answers and you will see that you are enjoying the subject!

It Is Not Always About Scoring Good Grades!

As per the opinion of an expert online tutor who specializes in taking classes on A-level Maths Revision Courses London, a student of mathematics is already struggling with the subject. Hence, burdening one’s mind with the thought of scoring good grades will only make things worse.

The best step forward is to try and learn mathematics from its fundamental concepts. One should not impose the expectations of their peers on their minds as it will only take their focus away from the subject and towards getting the right answer.

A student who is weak at learning Mathematics should consider it as a marathon and not as a sprint. There is no short-cut way to master the subject. The only way is to have clear concepts about each chapter of the subject.

It is as simple as that!

Encourage Yourself To Make Mistakes And Explore The Lesson

Many students try to come up with ways to achieve the right answer which is why; studying maths becomes a boring aspect of their lives.

This mindset leads them towards trying to crack tough processes of solving a problem which ultimately leads them towards failure to apply the process flawlessly on paper.

This is the wrong approach.

You need to imprint this in your mind that making mistakes is part of learning mathematics and the more mistakes you make, the more ways you learn how not to solve a problem. Do not lose hope when you get the wrong answer. Just push yourself to keep on trotting in a bid to explore the lesson.

The results will amaze you!


Mathematics is a subject that is dreaded by all even if they do not admit it but that doesn’t mean the subject doesn’t have real-life or real-world applications – which is why you need to have at least the basics of mathematics clear if you want to progress in life. With that stated, be sure to follow the tips mentioned above and see yourself score well in your A-level mathematics paper!

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