Press Release: Feb. 1, 2011

Again we are here today with the Developer of the all too famous BackPage AutoPosting Software BpSender AutoPoster which recently underwent some changes:

Q. What is it that your customers love so much about the “New BpSender Autoposter Version” ?

A. In one word “FREEDOM”, our clients are no longer stuck in front of a computer all day posting ads because our in-house service does it all for them for only $3.30 per day and our service never stops posting their ads, their ads post 24-hours, 7-days a week and 365-days a years.

Q. Why have your clients chose to go with your new service after you discontinued the BpSender Software interface allowing the client to post their own ads.

A. Simple economics, stop and ask yourself can you post your ads for 24-Hours a day, 7-Days a week and 365-Days a year for only $3.30 a day ?, of course not, the most that any normal self-posting poster will do is maybe and it’s a big maybe 4-Hours a day manually by hand and even then that does not even come close to comparing to our 24/7/365 service which never stops. Why would anyone want to actually post their ads manually by hand when they can turn that complete task over to us and enjoy the freedom of living your life, do the math, if someone is actually posting their own ads compared to our service they are actually paying themselves less than one dollar ($1.00) per hour at 4-hours per day, and if they post every day 30-Days a month that’s 120 hours a month for less than $120 dollars a month, question, would you work a part-time job 120-Hours for less than $120, of course not, so why would you abuse yourself in that manner when our option exist and gives you six times that daily where a average person is only posting 4-Hours per day our service never stops. Divide $3.30 per day by 24-Hours and you arrive at 0.1375 per hour, we actually post your ads 24/7/365 for only .13 cents per hour, so in reality when you compare our service with a average person posting their own ads 4-hours a day it’s not even $1.00 an hour as I mention earlier, when compared with our .13 cents per hour that person’s 4-Hours spent posting their own ads only have a value of .13 cents times 4-Hours or .52 cents, what job would you be willing to work 4-Hours for and only receive .52 cents for your efforts ?, as we said earlier, our customers choose us and stick with us based upon pure economics, we don’t have to sell our service, it sells itself.

Q. Let’s be clear here, are you telling me that for $3.30 a day broken down to 0.13 cents per hour that you will post my ad continuously 24-Hours, 7-Days a Week, and 365-Days a Year ?, that’s unreal, how can you offer posting for so cheap ?

A. That’s exactly what we are telling you, and of course we are not about to reveal our “Trade Secrets”, that’s the nature of doing business.

BpSender / BP Sender New Posting Service $0.13 Cents Per Hour

Q. O.k., another question, how do I know that you are actually posting my ads ?, how do I assure myself that my ads are going live on Craigslist, BackPage, or Kijiji ?

A. Simple, you can log-in to our system at anytime and view your ads actually being posted in real time all with click-able links which go directly to your live ads.

Q. How does one take advantage of this new service ?

A. Easy, you can make payment at the link below and we will send you your PROOFS for your approval within 24-Hours, after you approve your PROOFS your marketing campaign starts.

Q. Bottom-line, what is the true benefit for your clients ?

A. In two words, “More Sales !”, which of course keeps everyone happy, with our service our customers achieve more sales because their marketing campaign is continuously, it never stops, which of course creates more sales, we are not just spinning our wheels here, we are actually making our customers more wealthy which is why our name is “Wealth-Distributors”, we have a reputation and a name to live up to, we not only talk the talk, we actually walk the walk and put our money where our mouth is !

Q. How would you sum up your new BpSender Service ?

A. A all in one hands-off stress free “More Than Affordable” service, we are practically giving this service away for $0.13 cents a hour, it’s impossible to hire an employee to post your ads at that rate and without a doubt we would think that anyone that is in business places more value on their time than $0.13 cents per hour, like I said before we are practically giving this service away, take advantage of it while it exists because this is a pilot test run, the prices are not guaranteed to remain this low !, get in while the getting is good, all charter, current and previous customers will be grandfathered in with guaranteed price freezes should there be price increases in the future.

BpSender / BP Sender New Posting Service $0.13 Cents Per Hour

Free YourSelf, Stop Sitting In Front Of Your Computer All Day !

BpSender / BP Sender New Posting Service $0.13 Cents Per Hour

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