Why a Healthy Fear of Heights Can Be Good For Us

Whilst acrophobia might not be a particularly useful phobia to have, potentially crippling people with fear every time they reach a certain height and in turn stopping them from enjoying many of life’s joys, a healthy fear of heights can be, well, healthy.

It is not fear per se that can be beneficial, but instead it will be a respect of heights that will be far more beneficial. However, since acrophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world, there will be many people who are indeed scared of heights and who can learn to overcome such a fear but still maintain the reverence that heights deserve.

For those people who may have to work at heights or regularly be high up for any reason, a respect for heights will be extremely important to ensure that one stays safe. It may seem strange but working at height may also be rather beneficial for those who do have a phobia of heights too, and since many roles working at height will have fall protection equipment available, one with a fear of heights may be able to face their fear fully protected.

For those who are afraid of heights, the trick will be to face the fear a step at a time – quite literally. Gradually increasing the height you let yourself go to will help you become far more comfortable with heights, until eventually you can go to any height without the crippling fear and anxiety that might otherwise have been experienced.

For those working at height though, the right edge protection and a simple respect for heights is all that you will need. It is easy to feel confident at heights if you have no fear and have spent much time up high, but it only takes one slight oversight for disaster to occur and, as such, the need for fall protect equipment and a healthy fear of the heights themselves is a big one.