Load and Unload Roll Cages with Heavy Duty Castors

The working relationship shared between a distributor and a retail company is integral to the overall level of business which both parties benefit from. The former relies on companies to utilise its professional service in order to remain operational and successful, whereas the latter depend on their distributors to receive bulk quantities of stock products to fulfil consumer demands. Regular correspondence and transactions can maintain the strength of business relationship required to prove profitable for both parties and, more importantly, customers who are provided with a continuous supply of product they require.

The distribution process requires a company to source products and store them in a safe manner to preserve the quality of packaging and product. From there, stock products must be safely unloaded from a heavy goods delivery vehicle into a warehouse operated by retail companies, such as a supermarket, to be either kept as stock products or placed immediately onto a shelf on the shop floor.

Roll cages play an integral role in the aforementioned process to preserve the quality of products and allow bulk orders to be safely distributed in to and out of a delivery vehicle. All cages are manufactured using stainless steel to create a robust protection from any damage caused during deliveries. The stability element is enhanced via heavy duty castors attached to the bottom of each corner of a cage. This allow distributors and employees from the recipient company to move roll cages around easily to remove any physical pain or stress caused by heavy lifting.

Industrial castors are generally effective on smooth and flat surfaces which leave no marks on the flooring and can be moved with relative ease. Although certain roll cages may be full of heavy products, castors are mounted upon a pivot which allows the wheel to align itself automatically to the direction in which it is being pushed or pulled. This allows distributors to efficiently load heavy goods vehicles with products ordered by retail companies who receive roll cages that can be moved across a warehouse and shop floor to remain fully operational.