Dyson DC25 All Floors Vacuum Cleaner Review

Some of the most innovative products and vacuum cleaners in the world are made by Dyson. James Dyson founded the company and it took him over five years to develop his first vacuum. All this hard work has paid off and the company now makes a wide line of always expanding products.

Today, the Dyson dc25 is one of the company’s best selling products. You may also know it as the ball vacuum. It can be purchased as one of two models, the animal model, or the all floors model. The animal one is especially made to clean up dog and cat fur or hair. Both of these use the exciting ball design which makes steering and turning a great deal easier than traditional vacuums. I am positive many of you have all seen the commercials for them on television with the colorful yellow ball navigating around furniture throughout the house. These vacuums not only look nice, but perform very good as well. The animal model has more of a purple color and the all floors model is a nice yellow.

The Dyson dc25 does not use bags, and it features a clear container that collects the dirt and dust so that you can see if it needs to be emptied. The container is very easy to remove for the disposal of the debris. A HEPA filter system is also in use in order to prevent air contamination. The filter can also be easily taken out to periodic cleaning. To ensure best results, make sure to examine the filters from time to time to determine if they need to be cleaned.

The vacuum weight is not too heavy, so it is still very manageable to use. There are many great attachments that can extend from the main cleaner. From the top, a tube extends and can be fit with a couple of different ends. The attachments store very nicely when they are not in use, and do not get in the way. On the bottom of the vacuum, there is a rolling spin brush to help collect the dirt. If you are on wooden or tile floors, this part does not spin. The cleaner remains small enough to fit well in a storage space or closet.

Dyson makes its products to be quite long lasting and durable. It is no exception with the Dyson dc25. If anything does happen to go wrong, there is a good five year warranty that comes with it. While these vacuums tend to be a little more expensive than others at times, you do not have to keep spending money on replacement bags which can add up over time. If you want something smaller, the Dyson dc31 is a handheld version.

You can now get a fairly good price on these because they have become widely available. Sometimes refurbished models are offered for sale, but in my opinion, due to the difference in price being so small, a new one with the five year warranty is well worth it. Free shipping is also something to look out for on the internet. It is often offered to customers in these hard economic times.

To find the best prices on a dyson dc25 all floors or animal vacuum, visit this site. Also, if you are interested in a handheld vacuum, try the dyson dc31 handheld.

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