Review Of The Kitchenaid Professional 600 Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid mixers have long been known to be one of the best that you can buy. They are by far the most popular mixer on the market today for good reason. With a reasonable price point, and high standards for design and quality, the kitchenaid professional 600 stand mixer is the perfect choice for many people. They also make the very high selling kitchenaid artisan mixer as well.

There are a couple of differences between these two models which I will now discuss. First, the 600 series has a six quart bowl for mixing while the artisan mixer has a five quart size bowl. This size difference is not too noticeable and either will work fine for most people using them.

The other main difference is that the size of the motors on the two mixers is quite different. The kitchenaid professional 600 stand mixer has a large 575 watt powerful motor. The kitchenaid artisan mixer however has a 325 watt motor. This is still a quite capable motor, but many prefer the added power of the 600 series. Great sales can be found on both mixers, and the price difference can be small if a good sale price is discovered.

Either of these two exceptional models may be purchased in a large range of colors. These include white, pink, silver, red, grey, blue, black, and many more. With so many to choose from, there is always going to be one to fit your kitchen theme and style.

These mixers are certainly built to last. They have a good amount of weight in them so that they do not move all over when mixing foods. Both motors have ten different speeds to choose from. When finished mixing, there is an easy tilt feature so that you can have easy access to the bowl. This can come in very handy at many times.

Furthermore, both the kitchenaid professional 600 and kitchenaid artisan mixer come with a one year warranty. I highly doubt that anything would break on these sturdy mixers, but if it does, there is a good warranty. There are several mixing tools that come with these machines. There is a wire whip, a dough tool, and a flat tool. There are instructions for how to properly use each tool if this is your first time with something like this. Each shape and style of tool provides a different type of action when mixing. This can be very important for different foods such as making dough or mashing potatoes. Those two different foods really have quite different requirements when it comes to incorporating the ingredients together, which is why you get the different tool attachments. No matter what you choose, there really is no bad choice from these two models, and you will be happy with either one.

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