Forming 3D Images

If you are dreaming of manufacturing a 3-dimentional motion picture, then this article is definitely the one for you. A lot of people want to create 3D cartoons because of the thrill that it gives film makers. The good news is creating a 3-dimentional motion picture is not as complicated as it seems. You only need a few things to get started, such as video cameras, or even web cameras, a three dimentional program and a tripod. Of course you need three dimentional glasses for you to be able to enjoy the motion picture that you created. You can simply play it in your home, for you and your family to enjoy.

Commonly the first thing that you have to do is create a base that can hold your cameras. You can purchase a cheap tripod plate that will help to securely hold your cameras. On a scrap wood, you have to carefully drill two holes, and screws that are one fourth inches. Make sure to place the screws to the area where your camera should be place. You can use t shaped nut at the middle for the base to be connected to the top side of the tripod.

You have to position each camera on two different sides. You need to carefully place each camera on the tripod, and they should be two point five inches apart from the middle of the lens of each camera. You need to avoid putting a lot of depth. Put in mind that the camera’s distance to the subject need to be far as fifteen to twenty feet.

After recording some scenes, you can try editing some of the scenes on the 3-dimentional systems software that you have. You can simple drop a certain scene on the timeline video. You cannot help but remember that the left recorded scene had better be placed at the top side of the timeline, while the right recorded scene had better be place at the bottom side of the timeline. You have to also make each clip black and white, by desaturating the clips on both sides.

The last thing that you should do is to modify the scenes. Using the 3d software, simply click modify, effects then color balance. You need to choose the effect balancing RGB as this will help the scenes look very lively.

Save your work, then that’s it. You can now enjoy watching the three dimentional movie that you created. Just remember to but the 3d glasses, for you to perfectly enjoy the film.

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