Gold is a good investment

Gold prices are soaring these years and the interest in learning how to invest in gold has never been higher. That’s why I decided to create this website with the goal of helping people to investing in gold safely and profitably. If you care about the security of you and your family’s savings in the coming years of inflation and economic depression, then you should know about the position of gold as a safe storage of value. I figure, if you are reading this article, then that’s probably what is on your mind. You will have to excuse the crude layout of this site. I am not a web designer, but I do know Gold.

In the left of this website, under the link Articles, you will find a collection of articles that deal in depth with the different aspects of investing in gold, the history of gold and the different options you have to invest in gold. However, this website can’t possibly be taken for definitive advice. That is beyond the scope of this website. Rather, it should be seen as an introduction on how to invest in gold.

Gold prices have skyrocketed over the last decade. In fact the rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. One ounce of gold in 2001 was priced at $270, now in November 2009 the same ounce of gold stands at $1170!

In other words, gold prices have gone up 5x times in less than 9 years! That’s a remarkable growth and there are very good reasons for why you should care, if you want to keep your money safe and invested in something profitable for you and your families sake.

Why is the price of gold so important? Regardless of what your bank may be telling you, gold is one of the most important storage of value that we have. Gold has been used as the defacto currency for thousands of years along with silver because of its indestructible qualities and its beauty. Gold is in fact, the only really safe storage of value that has been tested over and over trough time and kept its position.

Fiat currency, i.e. paper money, such as the US Dollar has no inherent value besides the trust that the holder has in the issuer. This trust is rapidly dwindling. The best indicator of this is actually gold price. Gold has historically acted as an anti-dollar indicator. When the US Dollar goes up in price then the price of gold goes down and when the US Dollar goes down in price of gold goes up. What does it then tell you that gold has quadrupled in price since 2001? That’s right; the trust in the US Dollar has plummeted.

It is in fact highly likely that the worst is yet to come. Several economists and politicians such as Congressman Ron Paul and hedge fund owner and financial expert Peter Schiff (both frequent guests on television), predict that the dollar will ultimately collapse as a result of years of irresponsible spending and monetary policy of the US government and Federal Reserve. But all this is far into the future, right? Wrong! The popular expression used by economics is ‘the long run’; well guess what, the long run has finally arrived. The US Dollar may not exist in as little as 5 years. That’s a very real possibility, but one that the government and particularly the FED does everything they can to suppress to the public. Like the band playing at Titanic, they are determined to go down with the ship.

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