Cherry Health

Many people wonder what in the world cherries have to do with your health. Well, it seems the great taste of cherries and cherry health have a lot in common.For generations families and even the medical world have known cherries contain nutrients and other compounds that are great for keeping a person healthy. The benefits of cherries include aiding in the cure or being totally responsible for the cure of many medical problems.For centuries it has been known cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. In the past cherries and cherry extracts were used for medical problems such as gout and arthritis. However, it has only been in the last few decades with the advancement of medical technology that science has been able to pinpoint the exact nutrients and why they can help contain pain from inflammation.It seems among other things the red pigment in the skin of a cherry is just full of a very beneficial compound called anthocyanins. These anthocyanins have a number of uses in the body, the main one being a great anti-inflammatory agent.However, the cherry health benefits do not stop with its anti-inflammatory properties. There are individuals the world over who will attest to the fact that cherries have helped them medically in a number of other ways.A few of the medical problems that cherries have been found to help are the lowering of cholesterol and reducing the chances of both diabetes and heart attack. It is no wonder why cherries and cherry extracts are very popular items in most health food stores. Some practitioners in the alternative medical community are even calling it a super fruit.Perhaps the best thing about cherries is of course their great taste and versatility. They can be eaten right off the tree, dried, canned or frozen without losing that delicious cherry flavor. They are a favorite in the kitchen when it comes to making cherry cobblers, cakes, ice cream, cherries jubilee and a host of other mouth watering desserts.As far as cherry health benefits go they can be eaten fresh, dried or in the form of cherry extract. A spoon of cherry extract at bedtime is used by many to help obtain a good night’s sleep. Just another reason to be sure cherry or cherry products are included in your daily diet.Though this particular article does not go into details, our website has a vast amount of information on cherry health as well as some great recipes. Some of these articles give a more in depth view into all the great health benefits of cherries if you are interested in the subject.

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