My Puzzle Panic Review

Here is my The Panic Puzzle review, a new panic management system. Let’s see if it really offers up what it says. The Panic Puzzle system was created by a guy named Rich Presta. Rich claims that he can teach you the secret to 4 steps that can completely stop a panic attack right as you are having it. I guess that is what everyone that suffers from panic attacks wants, right? They want to able to take their emotions and anxiety into control and win the battle. I’ve had many a panic attack and I can tell you that being able to not let them get the best of you would really be something.

Rich says that he used to be like we were, getting extreme panic attacks when he least wanted to get one. This led him to find a secret that would allow him to gain the control back. He says that after he spent the time to master this secret system, he decided to work with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology so that he could get his thoughts down on paper and share with others. I like how one of the things he says is that all of his various doctors kept trying to figure out why he was getting these annoying attacks, when he was simply looking to figure out how to get rid of them. The why didn’t matter, he just wanted to not get the attacks anymore so he could get back to a normal life. Also, I really dig the fact that he says this isn’t some “new age” mumbo jumbo, but is a science based approach. Good! I’m tired of supposed cures and wanted the secret to control them, that’s all. Not some voodoo type fluff stuff.

OK, so what comes in The Panic Puzzle system?

First you get The Panic Puzzle Program Manual, the downloadable ebook at the heart of it all, which claims to walk you step-by-step through stopping your panic attacks.

Second is The Panic Puzzle Program Complete Audio Edition, an audio version of the ebook that you can listen to in the car or on your smartphone or iPod (or where ever for that matter).

Third (and one I really like) is The Rescue Audio Session, where Rich talks you through a moment of high panic or of high anxiety, because it can be hard to remember just what to do when you are in the middle of an attack.

Fourth (sorry, this system contains a lot of stuff) is what he calls The Anxiety-Free Masterminds Audio Series, which contains a series of interviews (over 2 hours) with a number of psychology experts talking about advice on interrupting the cycle that your brain gets “locked” into when a panic attacks starts. These are kind of a nice back-up to complement the system and reinforce some of what it you learn.

You also get 4 more bonuses, and unlike some of the other eBook products out there that just throw some random garbage on as bonuses that you never use or even bother downloading, these look like they were truly designed to provide some extra value to the system, and not just “bulk it up” as it were.

OK, let’s take a moment and talk about The Panic Puzzle testimonials. You know that I always include this section in my reviews because sometimes the testimonails are dead-ringers for a fake or scam system. The Panic Puzzle website has 17 testimonials (yes, I counted them all). I read through every single one and they seem real. And what I’ve discovered is that usually when there are this many testimonails, they tend to be real. Usually you see a marketer of a scam product fake a few testimonials, but not that many because they would be afraid of the FTC coming down on them with their new rules.

I also review a product based upon their website if they are an online ebook, system, or course, because to me it often speaks volumes of the amount of effort that went into the product creation and the amount of future updates or contact you can expect. And here I was pleasantly surprised because the website looks great – modern and up-to-date. So at least from appearances, The Panic Puzzle plans to be in business for awhile.
Just remember that this system requires some effort on your part (just as any system does). Don’t go in expecting some 60 second B.S. hypnosis garbage or some short term solution that stops working eventually.

But if you want results, then go here: Puzzle Panic Review

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