Tips for a successful garage sale – Determining the right prices

Establishing a good price for every item is undoubtedly one of the most important issues if you want your garage sale to be a real success. By following some simple rules, however, you will sell more and people will be more interested in what you are selling.
First, you need to determine how you want to expose the prices; you should either display the same price for an entire set of similar items, or a price for each item. If you set a price for a set of items, group them and put large labels indicating this price. Furthermore, another good idea would be to use self-adhesive price tags. On the other hand, labels are good for hanging clothes. Price tags must always be affixed to the top of the article, because in this way they will become more noticeable.
As a general rule, set the price to a quarter of the original price when you purchased the new item. This rule is only as guidance. Also, be aware that a garage sale is not exactly the right place to sell expensive items, because everyone is usually looking for bargains. In addition to this, if you have items which are incomplete, broken or soiled, place them in a box labeled “FREE” with a note that clearly indicates their poor condition.
When you set the actual price for the items you are selling, the label must be proportional with the size of the objects. For example, if you sell a piece of furniture, you should use a sheet of paper with the price clearly written on it, to make it noticeable. Also if you own many items like books, clothes, sheets, hairpins or handmade items, sell them in sets. Furthermore, if you have items for sale such as toys for children, always create a nice and colorful advertisement to make everything more attractive. You should also keep an eye on your money in every moment and do not ever leave money unattended.
At the end of the event, to avoid being bothered, post an ad that says “Sales have ended.”
For a successful garage sale, you should always be prepared to negotiate. If your prices are reasonable, it is possible to sell most things without having to lower the price. If someone makes a bid for an item that is lower than you expected, write down the name and phone number of that person in case the object is not sold by the end of the event. Also in terms of money, it is best to accept only cash. If someone does not have enough cash on him you can put the item on hold until he comes back again.

When the event ends, you can donate unsold items. Some communities organize garage and yard sales occasionally and are popular among a great number of buyers, who purchase second hand items not only for personal use, but also for stores. You can search the local newspaper and obtain an important amount after this.

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