Getting Rid of Cellulite – Are There Effective Treatments?

Today the question of how to get rid of cellulite is being debated, believe it or not, by close to ninety percent of women. To tell you right from the beginning the cellulite treatments are questionable – you can get an improvement, but this will probably not solve the problem. There are numerous women who exercise, or even belong to the group of devoted professional athletes, but even then they fight with the unwanted cellulite. So what is cellulite and what are the reasons of its occurrence? Cellulite is a state of the skin when it appears dimpled in the areas such as the thighs, lower limbs, butt, abdomen and hips. The reasons of the showing of this aesthetically unpleasant condition are not directly connected to the skin itself, but with the fat tissue situated directly under the skin. Owing to the peculiar organization of the fatty cells on molecular level, it is quite inconceivable to treat cellulite with efficiency using only heavy physical exercise. If the fatty cells become inflexible, their structural weakness will be reflected entirely on the epidermic tissue of the skin and no exercise is going to remove that.

So, the question can be asked how to keep the this fatty tissue as integral as possible. Bellow I give an introduction into some of the methods for cellulite diminishing which are often used in different cosmetic centers. Prior to moving to the most frequent methods for cellulite removal, you should know that we can think of some resources to fight or better say preclude cellulite from happening at the first place. The key word is essential fatty acids, which are in essence among those components that are needed by our body so that it can fight cellulite. You have certainly heard of Omega 3 and other Omega fatty acids, that are considered to be among the most important ingredientsof a healthy diet. Those essential acids are what our body engages to make the fatty cells elastic rather than ridged, and our skin polished and attractive. Excellent sources of this essential fatty acid are the sea fishes, such as, salmon, herring or sardines, but we also find Omega 3 in flax and various nuts.

In the following there is a short overview of some of the methods for cellulite elimination which are frequently used in different cosmetic centers.

Massage: The anti-cellulite massage and lymphatic drainage are the most employed approaches to treating cellulite. Have in mind that both methods are not direct ways to approach the problem of fighting this condition, because of the fact that they are not going to provide sufficient and satisfactory results.

Cellulite mesotherapy: This approach uses various medical mixes and homeopathic cures which are directly injected in the involved skin areas. The side-effects of this therapy are visible bruises that vanish after a few days.

EMS and Electro Body Sculpting: Both techniques are connected with some types of electrical pulses or electro-magnetic pulses that provoke mechanical muscles contraction. Since cellulite is not connected to the muscles, we cannot really talk about reduction of cellulite. The increased blood circulation along with the fortified muscles add to the better overall shape of the body, and this lasts for some limited period of time.

Today one can find a lot of relatively good cellulite treatments, one of the newer is ultrasound. They can be more or less effective, but one should be careful since some of them are less affordable, and others are with contraindications. The beauty might be important, but most significant is our health, one should never forget this simple truth.


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