Where a SEO blog can go wrong

A blog can be a very productive tool in the context of an optimisation campaign. It can serve to attract human users and impress the search engine web crawlers. Moreover, it can help ensure that both groups keep coming back to a site for their content fix. Nonetheless, if adequate content planning is not performed, a SEO blog will not sustain its appeal to a target audience. Furthermore, if the wrong techniques are deployed then the search engines may also detect trouble.

At Searchengineoptimisation.co.uk we work hard to deliver campaigns that tick all the necessary boxes. We appreciate the centrality of content provision to our work. A search engine optimisation blog is a great way of getting copious amounts of high grade content on to a site on a regular basis. If the blog is not implemented properly then it possible that the significant amount of effort which has been put into it will be wasted.

The advent of the Google Panda update has caused some consternation within some sections of the optimisation community. The fortunes of some sites have fluctuated as a consequence of one of the many Google updates. Some sites which had based their success on inbound links have suffered. However, this was because such sites had not based their progress on featuring high grade content. Blogs without high quality content took a knock as Google tightened things up around a fair principle.

Google has never appreciated those things which tend to annoy a large number of users. Users have rarely been keen on undistinguished content. They have been frustrated by blogs which were composed of material that could easily be found elsewhere. A blog cannot afford to simply be based on rewriting another blog. Users are sophisticated and will pick up on blogs that are duplicate content in all but the precise form of words being used.

To keep users happy, a blog must be a mix of fact and comment. Without interpretation, factual elements of content can be very dull. However, the comment cannot be too shrill either. It is very important that the opinions used do not alienate a section of a target audience. It can be easy to stray into this area if too much emphasis is placed on being entertaining or being controversial. Where the line should be drawn is sector-dependent.

For a blog to prosper, it should be written in language which flows. Simple words are generally best. It takes skilled copywriters of considerable experience to put complex concepts across in simple terms. A blog rarely works if it is composed by busy employees of the firm concerned. It is foolish to cram writing posts into crowded schedules and it takes time to develop the necessary attributes of accuracy and so on.

A blog will not have the desired outcomes if it is not focused sharply on what the target audience want. Use of social media networking sites can give insights into what consumers may be seeking. Each paragraph should contain at least one nugget of information which may be of interest to a reader from the target audience.

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