Link building strategies get more and more sophisticated

In the past, search engine optimisation consultants could get inbound links by purchasing them. It was also possible to use many general directories to acquire links. However, this meant that some low quality sites were doing better than they deserved to in the search engine results pages. Hence, Google opted to outlaw link buying. Since then, competition and the search engines have conspired to make SEO link building a more complex activity.

At we have the experience and expertise to devise and implement link building campaigns of the highest quality. Our campaigns are site-specific but nonetheless some tactics work well in different contexts as long as they are properly tailored to the particular needs of each site. Due to the ever-changing nature of the sphere of search, the campaigns we run are adjusted on a regular basis.

The best ways of getting inbound links of the necessary relevance and quality involve improving the quality of the site in an incremental fashion. It may help to think of acquiring links as a popularity contest. The central idea is to deploy high grade content to the site so that more and more inbound links are attracted. However, if a site is in a different sector or if it has spam connected with it, a link from it is not desirable. Nevertheless, not every single link which is obtained should be of top quality because it could make the search engines suspicious.

There is a diversity of ways by which a site can improve its profile in order to gradually get more links. Adroit use of guest blogging, social media networking sites and even holding competitions can all pay off. Contributing to relevant forums can also be of assistance. The key is for the site to act as a useful and helpful participant in discussions around its central topic. It is possible to design link bait to get additional attention.

It is important to recall that the best approach is to focus on pleasing a well-defined target audience. If a site caters well for the kind of users it is after, then the links will eventually come. It is imperative to plan a link acquisition campaign and essential to ensure that the landing pages of the site are adequately prepared. Moreover, if the navigation of the site is not easy for users to negotiate the hard work will be wasted.

If all this was not complicated enough, further innovation from Google has opened up a new technique for seeking links. For example, sites can now use an option entitled Search by Image. This has a certain advantage over conventional methods of link attraction attached to it.

It is beyond the capacity of the average site owner to keep abreast of all the developments which keep changing the world of search, but a consultancy has the resources to do so. Any new technique like Search by Image takes a little getting used to. It is also crucial that any new methods are implemented in ways that fit well with existing strategies. The modification of ongoing campaigns is an important part of optimisation.
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