Increase your site’s personal attraction

You may not think it, but personal attractiveness has a heavy influence on internet communication. How can this be? Personal attractiveness is conveyed in a myriad of small ways. Each of these adds up to a sort of digital ‘you’ that is either going to draw people in, or push them away. This is just as true for your website as it is for any other area of the net.

To really draw internet users in, your site needs to have an attractive personality. Whether this personality is established through your staff or whether it’s established through the general tone of the site, there are many subtle things you can do to increase the likelihood of people liking your business.

Why increase personal attraction?

This idea of ‘personal attraction’ influences a lot of things that are related to your search engine optimisation campaign. Things like links and increased traffic rates are much easier to get if your site has this quality.

Developing this quality is just as difficult online as it is offline, but there are a few small changes you can make which can have a surprisingly big effect.

*Jazz up your profile picture. Lots of sites are trying to connect with site users through creating more personal profiles. The use of a profile picture instead of an avatar with your blog posts or article posts can be a great way to create this personal connection, but it has to be the right picture. It doesn’t have to be a professional picture, and actually a professional snap may give the wrong impression. A photo taken with your mobile phone, however, isn’t going to make as good an effect as something taken with a camera, and warmer tones in the lighting work best.

*Avoid netspeak. The internet has developed its own language. In fact, it’s developed a couple. Fascinating as these are, the main language of business on the net is still plain old English. Using netspeak terms like ‘u’ and ‘ur’ can really lower your site user’s opinion of your professionalism. While it’s important to nurture your site’s personality and friendliness, it’s also important to make the personality behind all that an intelligent and trustworthy one. You can talk to our team at SEO Consult about developing the trustworthiness of your site.

*Get some girls on board. Studies of internet interaction have shown that people often respond better to women than they do to men. This may vary, depending on your industry, but many a search engine optimisation agency has found it a strong enough trend to at least test out some female profiles on their blogs and social media profiles. This is particularly worth testing when you’re composing emails for link requests.

*Avoid platitudes. Something that SEO services rarely cover is the need to be real in your interactions with your site users. The most attractive personality is the real one. Don’t try to charm your site users into becoming loyal with your site, because it won’t work.

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