Forget the travel agent – stay in paradores.

If I were to say Spanish hotels, what does that make you think of? Faceless concrete blocks towering over a crowded tourist beach. Yes Spain does have some popular resorts that get crowded and in these areas the hotels aren’t the best. They just cater for the package holiday hordes looking for some sun, cheap beers and food just like back home. But there is more to Spain than this. Much more.

If you forget about the travel agents and their package holidays, you can start thinking about the real Spain. This huge country, which so many different vibes , atmospheres and landscapes depending on where you go. If you want to explore off the beaten track a little then your choice of accommodation is going to be a different from the Spanish hotels you are used to.

Paradores are usually historic buildings that have been converted into quirky and unique tourist accommodation. Firstly to help maintain their upkeep and secondly to make more of the country accessible to tourists. If this gets you thinking along the lines of a youth hostel, then think again. Just because the accommodation is affordable, doesn’t mean you have to stay in basic surroundings. We are talking former castles and churches here. Chosen for their incredible locations.

One of the best things about staying in Paradores is sampling the local cuisine. Spain has so many different regions, each with it’s own history and style of cuisine. If you’re a food lover, then this is definitely the type of holiday for you. Booking your own holiday these days is so easy. Simply book ahead online, sort yourself out with a budget flight and there you go. Job done. Who needs travel agents and their generic run of the mill holidays. Be brave and bold and go and see the real Spain.

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