Are power lines a genuine health hazard?

The assumption that living near high-voltage utility lines is going to be bad for your health has existed for many years. Several ailments that are attributed to living in the vicinity of utility lines vary from cancer to miscarriages in pregnancy and heart defects to birth irregularities. In spite of an outstanding and constantly expanding body of scientific research that indicates high-voltage utility lines do not comprise a risk, many individuals are yet to be persuaded.

These types of suspicions happen because high-voltage utility lines generate electromagnetic fields that give off radiation. Although the quantity of radiation is different, there’s other common things for example cellphone transmission towers and microwave ovens which do the same. The effect of radiation lowers drastically along with the distance, which explains why even utility lines that are visible from a house expose you to what experts consider negligible danger. This is also the key reason why there aren’t guidelines and regulations in regards to the proximity of power lines to residential communities.

Several analysts have been able to illustrate the development of new cancers or the amplified development of existing cancers with clinical testing which include subjecting animals to radiation. These kinds of studies need to be taken with a grain of salt as it’s not really apparent that the effect on animals can be replicated when implemented to humans. In addition, people are not exposed to the equivalent quantities of radiation as these types of animals. Of course it is possible that folks whose jobs call for them to work within close distance to electromagnetic fields may be at relatively greater danger. Having said that bits of anecdotal data concerning the increased likelihood of cancer with individuals that reside close to utility lines have been used as conclusive evidence by a lot of people.

Within the last two decades, a lot of research has been carried out concerning the effect of high-voltage power lines on a person’s health including a landmark study in England which involved over 83,000 workers in the electricity business. The study discovered that there was no proof of elevated cancer or elevated deaths when comparing individuals who did not work close to electromagnetic fields. Similar outcomes have been reported by many other countries where comparable analyses have also been completed. The reason why further decisive proof has not been found is because it’s difficult to measure the results of small amounts of radiation on men and women and linking these to diseases like cancer.

We’re routinely exposed to several potential hazards during our everyday lives, which we merely overlook because of the minimal risk. In the case of high-voltage power lines, you can either acknowledge the preponderance of scientific evidence that there is negligible risk of damage or we can elect to simply not take the risk and avoid purchasing a house which is close to them. Regardless of the continuous research, it is difficult to say if this problem is ever going to be conclusively proved.

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