Different Types Of Pre-Wedding Rituals That Take Place In A Sikh Wedding

In India, there are more than thirty million people who are Sikh. Sikh wedding is done very peacefully as Sikh believe in peace. Even they are the powerful warriors of our Indian society but they believe in giving and respecting love. They believe in peace as they are very peaceful preachers of their gurus. In India, Sikh wedding is very common as because half of the Indian people are Sikh. The Sikh wedding is referred to as “Anand Karaj” which is amended by the Indian Government since 1909. This is the most beautiful wedding which can be seen in almost all the Northern parts of India. You can find your perfect match online also. Therefore, Sikh matrimony marriage bureau is the best websites that help you out in finding the perfect match for your children.

What are the pre-wedding rituals in a Sikh wedding?

  • Pre-wedding rituals are referred to as the rituals which take place before the wedding. There are so many pre-wedding rituals. Let’s have a quick look at these rituals.
  • Roka and Thaka: This is a ritual in both the bride and grooms family meet to decide about the further wedding. Parents consent is very important in Sikh wedding whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. This ritual makes the two families decide about the further wedding procedures.
  • Kurmai: Kurmai is referred to as a formal engagement which is usually done at the groom’s house or at a gurudwara after the parent’s consent. This is the second most ritual that takes place after Roka.
  • Akhand path: This is a ritual in which both the families thank the god or their gurus by reading the Guru Granth Sahib for 48 hours. This is a ritual that takes place just a weekend before the Anand Karaj.
  • Kirtan: This is the most common ritual in Hindu and Sikh wedding. In this ritual also they thank god for making this wedding plan successful.
  • Ardas: During the time of Anand Karaj both the families visit gurudwaras just to thank god and offer prayers at the gurudwara.
  • Karah Prasad and langar: In this ritual, Prasada and Langar are made for god and after that, it is distributed to all the people who are invited to attend the wedding.
  • Shagan: After all the above-mentioned rituals shagan is done in which both the families exchange gifts, clothes, money and so many other things for their son and daughter in law. With this ritual of Shagan Chunni Chadana also take which is a ritual that is done by the groom’s family for the bride.

After all, this Maiya takes place in which oil is applied to both the bride and grooms head with a red cloth over their heads. Then Karahi Chandana ceremony takes place in which a sweet dish is made which are served to all the guests.

These are the pre-wedding rituals that take place at a Sikh wedding. You can find brides on Sikh matrimony brides as well as you can find grooms also. These websites are the best that help you out in finding the perfect match for you.

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