Prom Dresses And The Best Prom Themes

Prom Dresses which go along with your prom concept will certainly make your night memorable. Here are some fun prom themes you may want to pick for the school.

The ’80s : The 80’s were a fun time that is known for its songs and dancing. Take everybody back in time with an 80’s themed prom. Set up posters of famous 80’s music artists and movie stars. Have glow necklaces to hand out. Think about stuff that were popular in the 1980’s and use these to decorate. Some examples are Rubik’s Cube, My Little Pony, and also Rainbow Brite. Neon colors must be the colors to focus on. You might also want to use neon lights. Most importantly, make sure you have 80’s music!

Life’s a Gamble – Casino evening motifs are enjoyable and exciting, and the red, black, and white d?cor can be enhanced with traditional casino games such as roulette or blackjack. Raffles could offer fun rewards, or the cash raised could be given to charity. Make your prom Vegas-style with entertaining games (no cash involved, just tickets and high rolling tables.

Paris in the Springtime : The Hub of Love is usually popular for romantic prom themes, together with an Eiffel Tower model, fresh crepes, faux fountains, plus a park-like setting help carry students to France for that night. More specific themes include Springtime in Paris or a dedicated Eiffel Tower concept. You can build an Eiffel Tower with lights, make your very own Champs-Elys?es with hired white light-covered fichus trees, benches, tiny cafes, cut-outs of street artists, waiters and more. Plus you could put up a directional sign which points people to the Louvre, the Picasso Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, Disneyland Paris and other Paris attractions.

A Starry Night: The classic love of a celestial theme is often a returning prom favorite. Glow-in-the-dark stars, planetary systems, and anything glittery could bring the universe to the prom that night. Though it is really an easy prom theme to pull off – just decorate with lots of metallic stars and strands of twinkly lights – this passionate theme delivers a glamorous punch. Are you sick of your date’s dance moves? Just wish on a star.

Beneath the Sea: Make a great under-water fish tank theme. Use pictures of vibrant coral reefs as backdrops; drape shimmery blue fabrics all over. Props: Fish tanks with unusual fish (or Television screens displaying such), scuba divers, fake shipwrecks with treasure, and lots of mermaids! The city of Atlantis, mermaids, exotic fish, bubbles, fish and shellfish, and an aqua or teal color scheme could make prom a splashing success.

Hawaiian: Capture Hawaii’s gorgeous scenery, from the volcanoes to the beaches. It’s a fun concept, and can also be very romantic, simply keep the setting more sophisticated than casual Props: Huge fake volcano, surf boards, palms, hula dancers, plenty of Hawaiian blooms, and vintage maps of Hawaii.

Regardless of what prom dresses you and your friends go for the big night, make sure that it goes well with your style, your capacity to pay and your theme as well. But most importantly, don’t neglect to have fun!

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