The Car Shipping Business in the United States

The car shipping business can be defined as the provision of transport for vehicles, individual or cooperate clients, from one point to another. This can be transportation of a vehicle from the seller to the buyer. It may also include transportation from one state or country to another. Like any other transportation business, the car shipping plays a vital role in the growth and development of the United States economy.The car shipping business can be categorized into four main forms: road transportation, rail transportation, air transportation and freight transportation. The United States consumer population constitutes a very large portion within the car market sector worldwide and continues to grow.Until recently, the car shipping sector in the United States of America was largely dominated by the car manufacturers, car dealers and car sellers. In most cases buyers had to buy vehicles from local dealers or dealers residing within their locality, in order to reduce the high charges of transporting the car from a distant location. Freight shipping is still a common form of car shipping in the United States, although it is quite expensive.With the emergence of the internet, the market players have increased tremendously, by bringing services closer to the consumer. Consumers are in a position to purchase cars anywhere within the United States as well as the rest of the world. They have an endless supply of different cars to choose from and have it shipped or transported to their doorstep. The number of car shipping companies has increased, creating a competitive environment for the players and in return, improving the quality of services delivered to consumers.Nonetheless, the car shipping business in the United States is faced with challenges that hinder the players from providing quick and efficient services to consumers. These challenges vary from increasing fuel cost, the introduction of new security measures because of the heightened terror alert after the September 11 terrorist attacks, new and demanding environmental requirements that involve new emissions standards, high insurance costs among others.With an increase in the fuel cost or fluctuation of fuel prices and sometimes, the industry players lack the capacity to handle the changes. This ends pushing the cost of undertaking business up, and the consumers are affected, which translates in a reduction of business activities or clients. In addition, the recent economic melt down in the United States has had great negative impact on the car shipping business sector. There has been a tremendous decline in consumer spending and in most cases, buying of new cars. Other challenges include bureaucracy at the ports leading to delays, increased urban population leading to congestion.In general, the transportation industry or business is said to be the largest and the United States automotive industry remains the largest in the world. This sector is very crucial to the United States economy. It provides employment for the American people both directly and indirectly, a regular flow of revenue for the government and makes accessible goods and services to the consumers and as you would guess, car shipping is an essential support structure to the entire automotive industry.


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