Flights Paris

With inexpensive and convenient flights to Paris it is possible to enjoy the wealth of attractions and sites that the incredible French capital has to offer. You can enjoy some of the best known tourist destinations in the world including the likes of the Tour Eiffel, Le Cathedrale de Notre Dame, and the Louvre gallery. People throughout the world have heard of these sites and seen their pictures in papers and on the Internet, and with an affordable flight to Paris you can spend several days working your way through the list.

If you enjoy taking pictures then you will find numerous opportunities during your stay in France. The Tour Eiffel is not only a great monument to take photographs of but is also a highly beneficial spot to take photos from offering panoramic views of the whole city beyond. Once you’re done taking photos you can sit in one of the restaurants and enjoy something else that the city of Paris is renowned for – gourmet cooking and top quality food.

Another site that is great for budding photographers is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame. It will take a climb of nearly 400 steps to reach the peak of the North Tower but your efforts will be rewarded with some of the best views out over the River Seine.

The River Seine itself is the perfect spot to relax and to take some more photographs. You can sit on the banks of the river or travel down the river in style. At certain times during the year, the banks of the Seine are transformed into Palm Island type beaches, too, and regardless of when you visit you are sure to see some typical Parisian vistas that you can photograph for posterity.

If you want to look at the work of others, rather than spending your entire time away taking photographs yourself, then you should give the Musee National du Louvre, Paris a visit. Here you will find an incredible collection of art in its numerous forms as well as antiquities. You will even be able to view the Mona Lisa behind its bullet proof housing.