Spanish hotels with a difference.

Getting your holiday just right is important. After all, you work hard all year, so those precious few weeks when you can escape the office should be savoured. Booking a holiday with a travel agent is easy, but you also end up with a pretty bland, standard, generic experience. Personally I can’t bear those soulless Spanish hotels. You know the ones I mean. Concrete tower blocks with a swimming pool. And don’t get me started on those resorts. Spain is an incredible country, with so many hidden gems to discover – castles, villages, mountains and beaches. Then there is the food, which varies from region to region. Cuisine to die for.

So if you’re tired of package hotels, let me suggest paradors to you. Paradors are a special type of affordable accommodation unique to Spain. In order to maintain historical buildings, like castles for example, and to open up new areas of the country to tourism, the government decided to convert these buildings into hotels. Chosen for their history, charm and location, this network of accommodation offers some of the most stunning scenery and best value in the whole of Europe. Love beaches? Like nothing better than to potter around historical towns? Love your food? Then this is the type of holiday for you. You can travel from one to another if you like, learning more about this historic and fascinating country as you go. Much more fun than staying at the Spanish hotel chains.

Organising your trip is straightfoward and simple. You can arrange your stay in advance by booking online. Thanks to budget airlines, you can get yourself a flight easy enough, so you can put your holiday together exactly how you want. Spain has great weather, so you can visit all year round. The perfect break from the worst of the Northern European winter. So what are you waiting for? Get online and book yourself a dream holiday that won’t break the bank.

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